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Raga Theory of Indian Music – 
To know a Raga is very similar to knowing a person or personality .As we say there are N number of  personalities in the world, there are variety of behavioral combinations in the world similar to the Raga theory, as there N no if Raga’s( Combinations) ,there are variety of Moods , and melodies .
      When we come across to a new person or personality we try to recall the person by his/her physical features , body structure, skin tone, eyes, nose , night of the person .But As we go ahead knowing the personality in a  closer view ,we understand overall nature of the personality , behavioral aspects , reactions ,etc. This is very much similar to Raga. When we see a Raga in closer view , we get to know it’s ascending and descending variations, mood creation, overall singing behavior and aesthetical nature . 
     A very unique feature of Indian music is there are Raga’s which has similar notes ,but they behave totally different . Similar like personalities with the existence of same looking personalities in the world but they behave altogether in a different way .
Also As we come across a different behavior of the same personality although we know him/her .We find different reactions in different situations ,in the same way when We listen to the same Raga ,  or perform sane raga many times ,it shows us a different perspective in each it’s performance.

Dr.Ashish Ranade.