Kalashree Sangeet Gurukul

Kalashree School of Music started by Dr.Ashish Ranade in order to spread the rich tradition of Indian music into all over the globe.’Kalashree’ is A Raga created my Bharat Ratna Pt.Bhimsen Joshi . The academy is located in Nashik ,it also works Online .Presently there are more than 150 students are learning in Kalashree and there are students around the globe who are learning Online too.

Online Learning from any part of the world

Just few steps away from learning Hindustani classical music,no matter where you are.

As the 21st century demands ,this is the first ever Hindustani classical music online learning academy which works online via various video call apps like Face time /Skype/Zoom/Google Due etc.Any one around the globe can learn and enjoy Indian classical music and its rich tradition.

Technical requirements :

1.You need to have a strong internet connection with Skype/Zoom/Face time set up in your laptop /desktop.Mobile phones are not a good choice.

2.The sessions will be conducted weekly 2 twice as per the availability of both student,teacher.

3.The instruments like Electronic Tanpura,applications will be recommended.