Any art when you learn ,it is always an opportunity to learn and grow. ‘Practice makes man perfect’ is the best quote for any art or artist is always a seeker for the opportunity to grow and make his/her art to the finest. Ashish Ranade institute of Indian music and research always tries to find these chances to nurture the routine of practice (Riyaz) through various Workshops and seminars.

Abhang workshop detail :

 Total duration: 6 weeks (12 sessions,2 sessions per week)

 There are many students as well as listeners who are keen to know about Abhang Gayaki,some popular Marathi Abhang.

 Abhanga’s like Maze Maher pandhari,Abir Gulal…will be included in the list,rest other will selected as per the choice and capabilities of the students.  Total no.of Abhang will be covered: 5

 Duration per sessions :1.5 hours (90 Min)

 One to one as well as group session for maximum 4 students at a time. Minimum age 12 above.

 Minimum criteria of the workshop: the students should have a basic knowledge of music, pitch sense (following in the same pitch) or some Raga identification.

Fee details :

# Group- 15$ per students-(Min 3 students at a time) 75 min – Total 12 sessions -180 $

# One to One -25$ per student-per session of 1 hour -Total 12 sessions- 324$

#Fees are non refundable.

To register please fill up the form given in the link below: