Dr.Ashish Ranade

Hindustani Classical Vocal

Endowed with wholly original, melodious and extremely rich voice, Ashish is widely recognized as one of the finest and well – trained upcoming classical vocalists of the younger generation of Nasik.

 He is the disciple of Shree Aviraj Tayade (disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi), taking his guidance from last 20 years; also taking the Guidance from Senior Classical vocalist Shree Anand Bhate (disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi) from last 8 years.Ashish started his lessons from his parents as he has got a great musical family.

While strengthening his hold over his inheritance with fine sense of understanding, he has evolved his own vision with a profound degree of sensitivity and intensity. His performances are marked by youthful imagination, artistic thoughtfulness.

His musical lineage is most manifest in the emphasis laid on the rendition of the SUR, its bhava or meaning. The full melodic range and versatility of the voice provides a silhouette but they never are allowed to dominate the rendition by naturally sliding into vocal acrobatics.

His range of swara’s has the ability to convey various bhavas (emotions). The improvisations made by him are generally rooted in Kirana, but developing his own distinct identity.

Ashish’s wide repertoire of ragas and compositions is further supplemented by the presentation of the Bandish(compositions) of Pt.Rambhau Mate as Guru Shree Aviraj Tayade is the disciple of Pt.Rambhau Mate & Abhanga’s sung by Bhratratna Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.,represents as he is from the same tradition;Guru Shree Aviraj Tayade is also the disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.

Ashish is awarded as a Doctorate of Hindustani Classical music by the university of Amaravati,also he is an A grade Artist of All India Radio, Delhi (Govt.of India). He is also the recipient of the scholarship from Dept. of Culture, Government of India and has been honored with the ‘Yashwant Surashree’ Award by University of Nanded.Also awarded with Artist Appreciation Award 2020 by ICMA,USA.